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Rocky Point Union Free School District


Warmed Up for Reading

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Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School students cozied up with hundreds of books this winter as they participated in the school’s annual We Are Reading More (WARM) program.

With the goal of reading 500,000 minutes, the students pored over countless fiction and nonfiction stories during the monthlong event, logging the amount of minutes they spent reading each day.

The students reflected on each book read using graphic organizers. For works of fiction, they described the characters, setting, problems and solutions, while for nonfiction books, they detailed five facts they had learned.

The program also included several theme days that had students wear certain apparel (as on Sock It to Reading Day) or participate in different activities.

In celebration of the school reading 557,080 minutes, each student was awarded a small prize and entered into a raffle to win various giveaways from local stores and businesses. Additionally, the teaching staff competed in several athletic challenges on the last day of the initiative in recognition of the students reaching their goal.  

Tuesday, October 27, 2020   |  District Home