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Rocky Point Union Free School District Parents/Students | Chromebook Information

NEW! 6/1/2021

Summer Letter Regarding Chromebooks (en español)


1:1 Chromebook Initiative


Parent/Guardian Repair / Troubleshooting Information

My School Bucks Link to Pay for Repairs

What do I do if my child's Chromebook needs to be fixed/repaired or has an issue connecting to Google Meet/Classroom?

Students are responsible for the general care of the Chromebook they have been issued by the school. Chromebooks that are broken or fail to work properly must be taken to the school library as soon as possible so that they can be taken care of properly. Do not take district-owned Chromebooks to an outside computer service for any type of repairs or maintenance.  Please notify the teacher(s) if you cannot connect to a virtual session on Google Meet.

Lost/Stolen/Damaged Chromebooks
As with textbooks, in the event of damage, loss or theft, a student will be charged to cover the actual repair or replacement costs for school-issued materials, which include Chromebook devices.

Repair and/or Replacement Costs
Loss, theft, or damage of a device must be reported to the designated library staff member as soon as feasible, who will assist in creating a support ticket and providing access, where appropriate, to a loaner device, if available. All payments for Chromebook repairs or replacements can be paid through My School Bucks ONLY.

My School Bucks Link to Pay for Repairs

One Time Co-Pay

One Time $75 Co-Pay
(See school librarian to see if you qualify)

Do not attempt to repair the device on your own or by bringing it to an outside repair location. The device will be sent to an outside vendor for a review of the damages/issues to determine if repairs are possible or if a replacement is required. 

If a fee is required to replace or repair the device, contact will be made with the parent/guardian by the building-assigned staff member to the parent/guardian with information on what the cost of the repair is and how to make a payment to initiate the repair. All payments for Chromebook repairs or replacements can be made ONLY through My School Bucks.  Cash, checks, and money orders cannot be accepted.

As with textbooks, in the event of damage, loss or theft, a student will be charged the cost to cover the actual repair or replacement costs for school-issued materials, which include Chromebook devices. The prices below are cost estimates for replacement parts as of September 2020 and are subject to change based on available pricing at the time of the repair.  If a part needs repair (not a result of damage) and is covered under the one year limited warranty, there will be no charge to the family. Batteries are not covered under the warranty.

Parents/Guardians should print and complete this repair form and send it to school with the student.  The student must then drop off the device, the form, and pay via My School Bucks). 

Device Replacement
at any time  $350 (or current rate to replace the device and co-pay does not apply)

One-Time, First Repair Co-Pay $  75

Repairs after the first $75 co-pay repair.  All rates are subject to change based on current rate of replacement parts.

A/C Cord                                        $   40.00
LCD Screen with Touch $189.74

Back Cover $  68.99
Bottom Cover $  68.99
Hinges $  68.99
Wi-Fi $  57.49
Motherboard $252.99
Topcase with Keyboard $137.99
Battery $  91.99
Trackpad $  68.99
Camera / Microphone $  57.49
LVDS/LCD Cable $  57.49
Daughterboard (Charging) $  57.49
Charging Port, Motherboard $ 114.99                                                       

The cost for a replacement device will be may vary based on replacement cost and will be determined at the time of the need for a replacement device. As of September 2020 replacement Chromebook cost is $350, but is subject to change.


Chromebooks under Repair
Loaner Chromebooks, if available, may be issued to students when they leave their Chromebook for repair. Student must pay full replacement cost if the loaner Chromebook is lost as per the repair/replacement section of this guide.


Parent/Guardian Basic Information

What are Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are a type of laptop that uses the Chrome Operating System (rather than a Windows or the Apple operating system). They are built to boot (startup) quickly and have a long battery life. They store all resources and files on the web (cloud based) and integrate with G Suite (Google) Apps.

Why are we distributing Chromebooks to students in grades 6-12?

In support of the hybrid instructional model, students in grades 6-12 will be issued individual Chromebooks for use at home and school. Students in grades 6-12 are expected to charge the Chromebook each night and bring it to school on their assigned days.

Will K-5 students be issued a Chromebook?

Students in grades K-5 will be attending school each day. K-5 students will have Chromebook carts the FJC and JAE school buildings available for use while in school. If it becomes necessary to go “100% virtual” for instruction, additional information will be provided as Chromebooks would then be distributed to students in grades K-5 for home use.

What are the student expectations?

Students are expected to charge the Chromebook each night, bring it to school each day, and to treat it with respect. Students are also expected to be good digital citizens and abide by all district guidelines. Is the Chromebook internet access filtered? All websites accessed on the Chromebook pass through the district filters both at home and at school. A record of all internet activity is available to the district.

What happens if the Chromebook breaks or is stolen?

A student should report all problems/issues to the library and the assigned staff member in the building. There are a limited number of loaners to supply students who do not have a working Chromebook. A student who does not take proper care of his/her Chromebook can be charged for repair/replacement as explained in the Chromebook Handbook and Agreement.

My family is not interested in picking up a Chromebook; does my child have to have take one?

Now that our District is moving to a 1:1 technology model, access to technology is not optional. The District have been planning for some time to move to this model and provide more up-to-date curriculum resources and get rid of paper whenever possible. We can’t accomplish those goals as long as technology is optional to students, so it is imperative that every student have and use a school-issued Chromebook. 

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