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82 Rocky Point-Yaphank Road | Rocky Point, NY 11778
Phone: (631) 744-1604 | Fax: (631) 591-0220
Principal: Jonathan Hart
Assistant Principals: Michael Gabriel, Lauren Neckin
School Hours: 7:15 AM - 1:22 PM
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HS Right To Refuse Regents Exemptions--Grade 12 Students

Two-Hour Delay Bell Schedule 

May 2021

Dear RPHS Parents and Families,

We have arrived at the month of May and Rocky Point High School is full of life with academic rigor, many extracurricular activities and end-of-year events.  Even though we are all beginning to breathe a sigh of relief as some COVID restrictions begin to lift, we want to emphasize we still are adhering to strict health protocols. In order to ensure the safety of all students and staff, we ask that students continue to practice health protocols without exception. Safety is our top priority. I personally would like to thank our students, parents, and community members for all of their support during this challenging school year. As we continue to move forward, we encourage parents to remain vigilant in monitoring your student's well-being and, of course, their grades through  We strongly encourage our students to remain focused and maximize their efforts through the month of June in order to earn the best grades they can.

As we look back on the month of April, we have much to celebrate.   I would like to commend all of our talented students who participated in the RPHS Variety Show as they showcased their musical abilities on our auditorium stage.  Through a filmed performance, they gave our community a very entertaining show to watch.  Our “fall” sports athletes capped off a short, but action-packed season this past month as well.  Many teams posted successful seasons including our girls soccer team, who played in the county semi-finals.  Congratulations to all of our fall athletes for making the most out of this past season.  The Pocket Theater Club also performed a wonderful short play entitled, “Selfie” this past month.  Our actors recorded the play for all to see as well as performed in front of an intimate, live audience for the first time this school year.  Thank you for sharing your talents.  Finally, the National Honor Society formally inducted a new group of highly motivated and accomplished students.  In a live, student-only induction ceremony, both junior and senior students were able to be recognized for this most distinguished achievement.  I would like to sincerely thank each of our club advisors and coaches for their steady leadership in these memorable extracurricular activities.  

As you can imagine, the end of this school year will be different from those in the past.  We will be sending out detailed information regarding Regents Exams and Finals as well as the many events that are planned for the end of this school year.   

Please see some very important pieces of information listed below:
Last day of in-person learning for SENIORS ONLY is Friday, June 11th
      ○ Seniors will be required to attend all classes remotely from June 14th- June 21st
Last day of in-person learning and virtual classes for grades 9-11 is Monday, June 21st
Regents Exams and all Final Exams will follow a “No Harm” policy (Only scores that improve a student’s overall course grade will be counted)
New York State is only administering the following Regents Exams in June:
      ○ ELA- June 17th @ 8 am
      ○ Living Environment- June 22nd @ 8 am
      ○ Algebra I- June 23rd @ 8 am
      ○ Earth Science- June 24th @ 8 am
Only Students who are taking their designated Regents Exam are required to come into school on that given day 
      ○ These exams can only help boost a student’s overall grade point average
Students who pass a course that ends in a Regents Exam will have the option to receive an “exemption” if they do not take the exam or receive a grade lower than their 4 quarter, overall average.
       ○ Students MUST PASS THEIR REGENTS COURSE to receive an exemption

We strongly encourage all students to prepare for and take Regents and Final Exams this June.  This will be a valuable opportunity for all of our students to boost their overall grade point average.  Some students will need to perform well on these end-of-year assessments in order to pass for the school year.  Taking these exams will also better prepare our students for their end-of-term assessments in the following school year.

Please let us know your intentions for Regents Exams by clicking the link below and indicating which exams your student will be present for.

Upcoming events at Rocky Point High School:

May 7th         AP Chemistry Exam 8 am
May 11th RP PTA Meeting 7 pm
May 14th AP Environmental Exam 12 pm
May 17th AP Statistics Exam 12 pm
May 18th School Budget Vote & BOE Elections @ HS Gym
May 19th Senior Art Show @ HS Gym 6-8 pm
May 20th Band 11-12 Concert @Upper Turf 7:30 pm
May 21st Junior Prom 7-11 pm
May 26th Mark Twain Awards Ceremony @ HS Auditorium  
1:30-2:15 pm
May 27th HS Orchestra Concert 7:30 pm
May 31st School is closed for Memorial Day

Should you have questions and/or concerns, please do not hesitate to call a member of our RPHS administrative team.  Thank you for your continued support and commitment to our school community.
Best regards,
Jonathan Hart



High School & Middle School Phase II (10/22/2020)

Spanish High School & Middle School Phase II (10/22/2020)

HS Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Virtual Schedule in Case of Closure (10/26/2020)

HS Wednesday Only Virtual Schedule (10/26/2020)


Positive Attitude and Actions will make a difference!
“Better happens when nobody’s watching.”

Stay to the right: -when you walk in the halls, when you drive in your car, and when you make decisions,
Always remember to do what is RIGHT!

Be polite: -use words like please, thank-you, and excuse me
-practice good listening techniques and develop patience

Keep it clean: -have pride in our facility; keep the building, the cafeteria and your lockers clean
-use clean language; using inappropriate curse words reflect your character

Lock it don’t lose it:
-you are responsible to spin the dial and lock your locker after each use
-cell phones need to be turned off and out of sight during the school day

Watch your web: -college admissions, coaches/recruiters and employers all search and review social media
-be conscientious of what you post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
-inappropriate, hurtful posts on social media that disrupt our learning environment will
result in disciplinary action

Dress your best: -clothing that is too revealing or distasteful is not acceptable
-school is where you work and learning is your job; your dress should reflect this

Nothing but nice: -comments don’t have to be mean or hurtful
-if criticisms are not constructive, please keep them to yourself until you are able to restate
them in a positive way

Enhance your transcript and résumé each day:
-your transcript is a reflection of your ability and work ethic; work towards the most
advanced diploma possible
-your résumé summarizes your character and leadership qualities including
extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, and employment
-student engagement is essential for learning; be accountable for your future

Attendance counts:
-attendance is a reflection of your commitment and work ethic
-students are required to be present for 8 periods each day
-no more that 28 absences for full year course or 14 days for half-year course

Promote Rocky Point Pride:
-get involved and support each other through academics, clubs, music, theater, and sports!
- be kind and promote acceptance; the character of the student body dictates the culture of
our school. Do your part to make Rocky Point High School the best we can be!

“Every moment of our journey is leading to something bigger. It’s up to you to read each
situation, make every decision, and control the flow of the game…..and your life!”
Dream Big!

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