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76 Rocky Point-Yaphank Road | Rocky Point, NY 11778
Phone: (631) 744-1603 | Fax: (631) 886-0000
Principal: Mr. Moeller | Assistant Principal: Ms. Meyers | Assistant Principal: Dr. Herbert
School Hours: 8:01 AM - 2:08 PM

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September 2022
Dear Parents and Guardians:

              The 2022-23 school year is off and running!  I am happy to share our opening day was a huge success.  The positive energy and excitement that was shared among the students and staff was incredible!  I do need to thank our incredible Rocky Point PTA for bringing in Kool Kat Ice to provide frozen treats for our students as they participated in various team building games.  The students unanimously shared it was a huge hit!!  We are looking forward to getting reacquainted with many parents and students, as well as, meeting our first time parents and students as they embark on their middle school experience. Please consider this letter the first step towards establishing a strong and effective working relationship between home and school.  This year at RPMS, we will continue to encourage all children to embrace the values of “tradition, excellence, and pride” in their daily choices and interactions.  

Middle School Fall sports are set to begin for our 7th and 8th grade students on Tuesday, September 7th. Any student who wants to participate in athletics is required to have a current physical that has been verified by our school physician, as well as a completed 30-Day Interval form before they can be cleared to participate.  Clubs will begin during upcoming two weeks and meet every two weeks (majority of them are open to all students).  Clubs will be announced in our Bi-Weekly Flyer which will be emailed to you every two weeks, beginning today.  Please note, there is a tab for the “Bi-Weekly Flyer” located on the RPMS web page.   RPMS Pictures are scheduled for September 15th and 16th during the student’s Physical Education class.  In addition, RPMS Open School Night will be held on Thursday, September 15th at 7PM, parents will report to their child’s “Advisory” class that evening where they will receive a copy of their child’s schedule.   

I look forward to maintaining open lines of communication with you as a means to provide assistance and leadership in the hopes of creating an experience that is both memorable and successful in terms of: social, emotional and academic growth.  This experience is only possible with an equal commitment, cooperation and interaction among students, parents and staff.  On that note, we met with the students for a “Code of Conduct” Assembly on Thursday. We discussed many expectations, practices and policies in the RPMS.  One item we discussed at length was the Dress Code; we ask that you review this with your child and work with us to keep the building running safe and distraction free.  Also, please be sure to update any and all emergency information on the parent portal as soon as possible, as well as, keeping our Health Office informed.  Providing updated parent/guardian e-mail addresses will ensure that you receive the monthly newsletter and other important information. 

  Teachers will announce when Extra Help will be offered in their Google Classrooms and will take place during “0” period from 7:15 AM - 7:57 AM.  Students should be dropped off at the Middle School front entrance for Extra Help.  RPMS students may also ride the morning high school bus run if they plan on attending extra help.  As a reminder, if your child is driven to school in the morning, student drop off (7:35AM-7:55AM) will take place at the back High School tennis court area. 
We know that the 2021-22 school year will be a year of excitement and achievement.  Working together as a school and community partnership, we can ensure that all students are successful.

Jim Moeller 




 Area of Concern  Person to Contact   Phone Number
To schedule a meeting with your child’s team of teachers  Guidance Office
744-1600, ext. 7311/7312 
Classwork  Teacher 744-1603 
Curriculum and Grading  Teacher  744-1603
Student-Teacher Relationship  Teacher, then Counselor 744-1603  
Student Progress  Teacher; then Counselor; then
School Policy  Mr. Moeller, Principal  744-1600, ext. 7302
School Program  Mr. Moeller, Principal. Mrs. Meyers, AP 744-1600, ext. 7302/7303 
Absences or Tardiness
Homework Requests

 Absences can be called in to the attendance line 24 hours)  744-1600, ext 7304
Student Behavior
School Bus Incidents
 Mrs. Meyers, Assistant Principal  744-1600, ext. 7303
School Accident or Illness/ Health
 Mrs. Nash/Mrs. Krepil-School Nurses   744-1600, ext 7334/7335


Jim Moeller

Mission Statement
To promote a middle school environment where the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of all students are addressed through respect, pride, and a commitment to quality and excellence.

Monday, September 26, 2022   |  District Home