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Rocky Point Union Free School District Schools | Rocky Point Middle School


76 Rocky Point-Yaphank Road | Rocky Point, NY 11778
Phone: (631) 744-1603 | Fax: (631) 886-0000
Principal: Mr. Moeller | Assistant Principal: Ms. Meyers
School Hours: 8:01 AM - 2:08 PM

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Two-Hour Delay Bell Schedule 

March 2021

Dear RPMS Parents & Guardians:

The month of March has certainly arrived like a lion.  Winter does not seem like it is ready to leave any time soon but the activity level within the building is warming up.  Gradually, the operations within the building are edging closer to what we all hold as our “traditional” perceptions of school.  We have begun five days of in person learning, athletics are taking place at the varsity and junior varsity levels, and scheduled to begin at the middle school level later this month.  Several of our clubs have transitioned to in person activities with the opportunity for our remote students to stream in.  While we are still dealing with the constraints imposed on us by dealing with the realities of living in a Covid world; I would like to once again thank our staff, students, and school community for their dedication, patience and perseverance.

Last month I had shared the RPMS was embarking on a variety of activities to help keep the spirit and energy level in the building positive.  We adopted a theme called “Chasing the Brightside” as a means to show our commitment to embrace the good that is often over looked in these challenging times. We are extremely excited to announce that sixth grade student, Torianna Guisti is the winner of our Chasing the Brightside Tee Shirt design contest.  Torianna demonstrated extraordinary creativity and designed a motto to “Always, Shine, Bright” strategically surrounding a bright shining light bulb.  The design captures the spirit of “Chasing the Brightside” theme at the RPMS.  Additionally, Torianna’s design will be featured on tee shirts and masks that may be purchased through the Rocky Point PTA.  

As always, please keep monitoring the parent portal to stay informed about your child’s academic progress.  It is hard to believe, but we are almost half way through the third marking period.  Please use the link to access the portal:

Do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teachers, counselors, or RPMS administration with any questions or concerns.  Additionally, please be sure to return your child’s course requests for next year’s schedule to the Guidance Office if you have not already done so.  

Important dates to keep in mind:  

  • March 11th - Incoming 6th Grade Parent Virtual Orientation via Google Meet at 6:30 PM
  • March 22nd - Start date for Middle School Sports (B/G Soccer, Cheer, Field Hockey, Football, Girl’s Tennis, B/G Cross Country) *Make sure 30 Day Interval forms have been submitted to the RPMS Nurse
  • March 29th- April 5th - Spring Recess
  • April 9th- End of Third Marking Period
  • April 20-21 NYS ELA exams to be administered in the school building only.

The RPMS “Virtual Book Bag” continues to be a source for viewing flyers and important information at the Middle School and in the community. Please visit our Virtual Book Bag site:


James Moeller, Principal

 Area of Concern  Person to Contact   Phone Number
To schedule a meeting with your child’s team of teachers  Guidance Office
744-1600, ext. 7311/7312 
Classwork  Teacher 744-1603 
Curriculum and Grading  Teacher  744-1603
Student-Teacher Relationship  Teacher, then Counselor 744-1603  
Student Progress  Teacher; then Counselor; then
School Policy  Mr. Moeller, Principal  744-1600, ext. 7302
School Program  Mr. Moeller, Principal. Mrs. Meyers, AP 744-1600, ext. 7302/7303 
Absences or Tardiness
Homework Requests

 Absences can be called in to the attendance line 24 hours)  744-1600, ext 7304
Student Behavior
School Bus Incidents
 Mrs. Meyers, Assistant Principal  744-1600, ext. 7303
School Accident or Illness/ Health
 Mrs. Nash/Mrs. Krepil-School Nurses   744-1600, ext 7334/7335


Jim Moeller

High School & Middle School Phase II (10/22/2020)

Spanish High School & Middle School Phase II (10/22/2020)

MS Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Virtual Schedule in Case of Closure (10/26/2020)

MS Wednesday Only Virtual Schedule (10/26/2020)


Mission Statement
To promote a middle school environment where the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of all students are addressed through respect, pride, and a commitment to quality and excellence.

Summer 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Have a great summer!


James Moeller

Sunday, April 11, 2021   |  District Home