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Rocky Point Union Free School District

Vintage Technology Petting Zoo

Students using a rotary phone thumbnail243122
Students using a rotary phone and a typewriter thumbnail243123
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Students using rotary phones thumbnail243125
Students in Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School have another reason to visit their school library! Librarian Monica DiGiovanni has set up a new interactive display – a Vintage Technology Petting Zoo!

The students are introduced to rotary telephones, a typewriter, old cellphones, iPods and a record player. Also on display is a disc Walkman and the original GPS – an atlas. They get to touch and try all the items. Several students, now used to the flat screen of an iPhone, worked to figure out how to use the rotary phone.

“Most of the items I have collected while antique shopping over the years and some items were donated by the staff,” Mrs. DiGiovanni said. “The kids are amazed! They love typing and dancing to vinyl records.”

Date Added: 3/7/2023

Kindness Continues at JAE!

Student standing in front of a display that says Kindness is in full bloom at JAE thumbnail243100
Students at a kindness station and smiling thumbnail243101
Students at a kindness station and smiling thumbnail243102
Students showing the cards they made and smiling thumbnail243103
JAE hosted a Kindness Week recently in which they participated in Kindness Bingo and had daily kindness themes, quotes, books, videos and activities. A Kindness Station was set up in the cafeteria that encouraged students to color a note of thanks and write a message of appreciation to school staff members that were distributed during the week.

Each student in the building wrote a message of kindness on a leaf or part of a flower that was then assembled to create a kindness bulletin board. Some students participated in kind projects for each other or other classes, such as the Kindness Walk that several students in Mrs. Meehan’s class did for Mrs. Meyer’s class. Students had fun creating kind posters and poems and taking part in other activities to celebrate kindness and school spirit.

“Our students went above and beyond showing kindness to one another and the staff at JAE,” Student Council adviser and guidance counselor Mrs. Jean Costa said. “The students and staff had a great week.”

Date Added: 3/7/2023

Virtual Reality at JAE

Students using VR sets at their desks thumbnail243054
A student using a VR set at their desk thumbnail243055
A student using a VR set at their desk thumbnail243056
A student using a VR set at their desk thumbnail243057
Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School students are learning in a whole new way. Facilitated by the school’s Technology Integration Specialist Ms. Laurie Berretta and in partnership with BOCES Model Schools, students experienced several field trips in virtual reality.

An emerging technology, virtual reality creates a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment allowing individuals to interact as if they are really there. Several third grade classes went on a virtual dive underwater to explore marine life such as sea turtles, manta rays, sharks and coral reefs. While exploring, they learned the importance of preserving these special environments. Fourth grade classes that were studying various types of rocks during science brought several volcanoes from around the world “into the classroom” to witness the eruptions up close. Fifth graders soared through the solar system and saw the planets from a new perspective while learning interesting facts about each of them. Other field trips included an aerial view of New York City, a hot air balloon ride and a visit to the Mayan ruins.

“This immersive learning tool, virtual reality, generated curiosity and wonder throughout the school,” Ms. Berretta said. “It was amazing to see the joy and excitement for learning and particularly gratifying to witness how engaging this technology was for learners of all ages and abilities. Students reflected on their virtual reality field trips with their peers by sharing their favorite parts and knowledge gained. They even shared new questions sparked from this unique experience.”

Date Added: 3/7/2023

Grade 4 Social Studies Lesson

Student with their diaorma thumbnail242318
Student with their diaorma thumbnail242319
Students with their diaorma thumbnail242320
Student with their diaorma thumbnail242321
JAE fourth graders gained a greater understanding of the past with a culminating project on a Native American unit. Mrs. Patricia Alberti’s students created wigwams and longhouses that are on display in the school hallway.

The students gathered natural materials, including grass, pinecones, tree bark and more, just as Algonquian and Iroquois children did in the past, to make authentic Native American homes. The structures reflect the ways longhouses and wigwams were constructed. Many projects also contain scenery demonstrating the student’s knowledge of the ways Native Americans used natural resources to meet their needs.

Date Added: 2/16/2023


Students and staff smiling at the camera during the Souper Bowl event thumbnail241985
Community service projects help students to learn and emulate beliefs and behaviors that are important for them to have as responsible citizens.

Fourth graders at JAE brought together camaraderie and goodwill with the annual Souper Bowl that will benefit people in the local community. Cans, boxes and containers of soups and other goods were collected in Deborah Vieira and Lisa Celentano’s class that will be donated to the food pantry at St. Anthony’s Church.

Date Added: 2/13/2023
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