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Principal: Mrs. Meyers

Assistant Principal: Dr. Herbert


Important Information

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Principal's Message

May 2023

Dear RPMS Parents and Guardians:

Welcome to May at the Middle School!  This month promises to be packed with activities both in and out of the classroom.

This month, we host the current fifth grade students as they come spend a day in their future school.  Our seventh grade students are gearing up to take their lead as the big fish in our small sea, and the sixth grade students are ready to travel upstairs to join the upper classman.  Our eighth grade students are preparing to leave the middle school as they create their legacy tile that will be placed on our hallways for years to come. 

Incredibly, as of March 30th, we began the last marking period of the year.  Third quarter report cards were posted on Wednesday, April 5th.  Please remember to keep checking the parent portal to stay informed of your child’s academic progress.  An additional reminder, the NYS Mathematics testing will begin on Tuesday, May 2nd, and just as we did for the ELA in April, we will designate two days for each grade.  Traditionally these exams have been given on paper using a scan sheet where students bubble in their responses and hand write answers into paper booklets. This year, students will be given these exams through the Questar system on their Chromebook using the NYS platform for 3-8 testing.  Students will be placed with their grade level peers in a classroom, or special setting by need. The application will be accessed through their Chromebook and the exam completed completely online.  Should you have any concerns, questions, or refusal considerations regarding your student and the NYS 3-8 Math exam, please contact your child’s teacher(s). 

As we continue with the Spring sport season, and the weather gets warmer, we encourage students to attend athletic contests to cheer for their classmates.  Please keep in mind, however, they are not permitted to enter the grounds earlier than 15 minutes before the start of the athletic contests, as we do not have supervision for them.  Please understand that after dismissal, students are not permitted on school grounds unless they are attending a supervised extracurricular club/sport, and walking off school property to go to the local stores is no longer permitted.    Most middle school contests begin at 4:30, therefore, the students will need to go home on their normal dismissal bus and return at 4:30. 


Important Dates in May

5/9 - Meet the Candidates Night- HS Auditorium

5/16 - School Budget Vote and Elections – HS Gym

5/17 - Spring Concert I @ 7:30PM- HS Auditorium

5/18 - Spring Concert II @ 6:00PM & 8:00PM- HS Auditorium

5/2-5/3 - 8th Grade NYS Mathematics Assessment

5/4-5/5 - 7th Grade NYS Mathematics Assessment

5/8-5/9 - 6th Grade NYS Mathematics Assessment

5/17-5/19 - 5th Grade Student Visits to RPMS

5/23 - 8th Grade NYS Science Performance Assessment Begins (No Living Environment Students)

5/26 - School Closed as no snow days were used

5/29 - School Closed in observance of Memorial Day


Field Trip & Dance reminder:  The 7th Grade Trip to Jones Beach “Wild Play on June 8th.  The 8th Grade Semi-Formal will be held at the middle school on Friday, June 9th, from 5-8PM.

Please continue to check The RPMS “Virtual Book Bag” to view flyers and important information for the Middle School and the community. Please visit the Virtual Book Bag on the Middle School page site.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to administration with any questions via email or telephone at 631-744-1600. 



Dawn E. Meyers


Contact Information

Area of Concern Person to Contact Phone Number
To schedule a meeting with your child’s team of teachers Guidance Office 744-1600, ext. 7311/7312
Classwork Teacher 744-1603
Curriculum and Grading Teacher 744-1603
Student-Teacher Relationship Teacher, then Counselor 744-1603
Student Progress Teacher; then Counselor; then Administration 744-1603
School Policy Ms. Meyers, Principal 744-1600, ext. 7302/7203
School Program Ms. Meyers, Principal 744-1600, ext. 7302/7303
Absences or Tardiness, Homework Requests Absences can be called in to the attendance line 24 hours 744-1600, ext 7304
Student Behavior, School Bus Incidents Dr. Herbert, Assistant Principal 744-1600, ext. 7303
School Accident or Illness/ Health Office Mrs. Nash/Ms. Firrello, School Nurses 744-1600, ext 7334/7335

Mission Statement

To promote a middle school environment where the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of all students are addressed through respect, pride, and a commitment to quality and excellence.

With Welcome Arms!

rp1.png thumbnail246780
Rocky Point Middle School was a welcoming scene when students and staff hosted the current fifth graders from JAE to visit their future school.

To help the students transition to the new building, they were greeted by the Honor Society members for a tour, sat in on a sixth grade class and enjoyed lunch in the cafeteria.

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 5/23/2023

Students Recognize Police Week

Students at Yaphank Police Headquarters thumbnail246340
Students at Yaphank Police Headquarters thumbnail246337
Students at Yaphank Police Headquarters thumbnail246338
Students at Yaphank Police Headquarters thumbnail246339
Rocky Point Middle School students took a special trip to the Yaphank Police Headquarters on May 11. Mr. John Mauceri’s class viewed a number of emergency vehicle and equipment demonstrations, K9 unit teams, marine bureau and crime scenes and toured the museum where they learned more about the history of the Suffolk County Police Department.

Date Added: 5/11/2023

Rocky Point Represents!

Group of students thumbnail246037
Rocky Point Middle School participated in the Brookhaven Schools Math Meet hosted at Longwood Junior High School recently. Twenty-five Algebra 1 Honors students participated in the challenging competition.

“The focus of the meet is to foster enthusiasm for problem solving strategies and enhance creativity while relating to others of like-minded ideas regarding mathematically-based situations,” Rocky Point’s Director of Math, Science and Technology Jachan Watkis said.

Activities included exploration of new ideas and strategies for problem solving in a variety of situations. Students worked both individually and in groups. Out of 95 participants three Rocky Point Middle School students placed first place and first runner-up. Congratulations to Keith Bernier and Ryan Lane (co-first-place winners) and Nathan Watkis (first runner-up).

Date Added: 5/8/2023

State Honors for Bella Veraldi

Student in hallway thumbnail245879
Rocky Point Middle School eight grader Bella Veraldi was honored in the New York State PTA Reflections contest with an Award of Merit in the division of Dance Choreography for her work, “The Night We Met.”

The National PTA has a long-standing commitment to arts education. The Reflections program provides opportunities for recognition and access to the arts which boost student confidence and success in the arts and in life. Bravo!

Date Added: 5/4/2023

Leaping Through Frog Anatomy

Two students wearing goggles and gloves and looking at the camera thumbnail244564

Rocky Point Middle School students have been learning about human body systems in Science 8 classes and ICT Science 8 classes. To explore and expand on their knowledge, they learned about frog anatomy during what they called “Frog Week.”

“We started each day with morning announcements that included fascinating facts about frogs,” science teacher Elicia Katsapis said. “We read about frogs, conducted a pre-lab lesson about frog anatomy and did a virtual frog dissection.”

Technology specialist Kerri Herbst assisted Ms. Katsapis in making a video of a frog dissection demonstrating what students would see so they could watch it, learn and prepare from it.

They concluded Frog Week with an actual frog dissection where students identified and located the various organs within the different body systems.

“This was a valuable learning experience for students that was memorable, as it pushed them out of their comfort zone to explore something new,” Ms. Katsapis said. “We are extremely proud of all of our students!”

Click here to view the slideshow.

Date Added: 4/3/2023