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Rocky Point Union Free School District Schools | Frank J. Carasiti Elementary


90 Rocky Point-Yaphank Road | Rocky Point, NY 11778
Phone: (631) 744-1601 | Fax: (631) 744-2182
Principal: Jason Westerlund | Assistant Principal: Linda Greening
Hours: 9:30 AM - 3:50 PM 
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March 2021

Dear FJC Families, 

The month of March is an exciting time.  Although snow sometimes still finds a way to sneak in, typically it begins our transition into Spring.  We get warmer days, and sundown begins to stretch later and later.  We build leprechaun traps and cover our world with green as we look towards celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, and our students return to playing outside on a more regular basis.

This year, the month of March plays an additional role as a reminder of all we have been through.  It was at this time last year that Covid-19 began coming to the forefront and our schools were closed.  We began our journey of living through a pandemic, and the myriad of changes and challenges that came with it.

Yet, here we are a year later.  When we first arrived back at school in the summer, our walls were still covered with four leaf clovers and pots of gold as if trapped in time.  Those images are powerful and an incredible reminder of our resiliency and all that we have been able to do in the face of this pandemic.

We cannot be more proud of what we have accomplished together.  Since September, we have invited our students back 5 days a week.  Our students laugh and smile through our halls, as they have made incredible strides in their academic areas.  Our students have also been an inspiration as they never missed a beat when asked to wear masks, sit behind shields, and stay six feet apart, but instead found ways to grow in their kindness and empathy towards others regardless of barrier.

“Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations,” and for those of us who are lucky enough to walk these halls every day, no place is as beautiful as FJC.  It is the artistry, dedication, and outpouring of support of our community of families, students, faculty, and staff that have made it so, and for that we are grateful.

Events and Items of Note for March:

Social Emotional Learning:  We continue our journey through our pillars of character by focusing on fairness. Throughout the month of March, students will be immersed in stories and activities that will help them deepen their understanding of what it means to be fair.  On March 12th, we invite all staff and students to wear orange to celebrate the character trait of fairness.

Rocky Point PTA FJC School Motto Shirt Sale 2021:  This year our students came up with a motto for our school. All students were invited to come up with a motto, then students voted on their favorites, ending in a school wide vote. The PTA has helped create t-shirts, sweatshirts, and masks with our Motto that families can purchase by following this link:

Marking Period:  Our second trimester marking period comes to an end on March 12th.  Report cards will be posted to the Parent Portal on Friday, March 19th.

Daylight Savings:  Remember to turn the clocks forward one hour on March 14th.

Spring Recess:  Schools will be closed from March 29th - April 5th 

We continue to be grateful for your partnership.  If you have any questions, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  Thank you for ensuring, “The Place to be is Always FJC!”
Gratefully yours, 

Jason Westerlund, Principal

Linda Greening, Assistant Principal


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Inclement Weather When school is closed due to inclement weather, bad road conditions, or other emergencies, please listen to one of the following radio/TV stations for the announcements regarding Rocky Point Schools:
WALK Storm Center 97.5 FM WBLI /WBAB Storm Center 106.1 FM WRCN 103.9 FM NEWS 12 LI

The Rocky Point Union Free School District uses Connect-ED, a school-to-parent telephone notification system, as part of our efforts to communicate more effectively with parents or guardians. Connect-ED will enable the Rocky Point Union Free School District to notify families immediately in the event of a snow day or school-wide emergency. The system can deliver up to 3,000 messages within minutes—ensuring that you quickly know what's going on. To receive these messages, FJC must have your up-to-date contact information. If you move, change jobs, or obtain a new cell phone number, be sure to log onto the eSchool Parent Portal to update your information so you won't miss a single Connect-ED message.

Two-Hour Delayed Opening
When road conditions in the early morning are hazardous but are expected to improve rapidly as the morning progresses, the District may utilize a two-hour delayed opening for all schools. Students will report to their bus stops exactly two hours later than they normally would. Dismissal for all schools will be at their normal times. This delayed opening may also be used for other emergencies. Notice of the delayed opening will be made as early as possible and broadcast on the listed radio stations and TV-Cablevision News 12 and the District's Connect-ED Telephone Notification System will be activated. In the event that we cannot transport students to school as a result of a “two-hour delayed opening” based on forecast predictions for improved weather and conditions by 7 AM, school officials will announce that schools will be closed. It is important that you continue to listen carefully for just such announcements.

Inclement Bus Stops
Inclement weather bus stops are available on the eSchool Parent Portal. Due to the geographic nature of our area, “inclement” weather stops will be utilized when adverse road conditions exist. At various times during the winter season, inclement weather bus stops will be used to ensure the safety of our student population. The use of these stops may be necessary at any time during the school day, without prior announcement. Parents should listen to the radio stations or call First Student Transit at 744-2204 if they have any questions regarding whether or not the Inclement Weather Bus Stops will be used. The district's voice mail will also have the announcement. Please make arrangements for someone to meet children at these alternate stops.



Fairy Tales with a Twist!

Fairy Tales with a Twist! Photo thumbnail182314
In a fun literary lesson in FJC, students learned to take a classic fairy tale and brand it as their own, with a twist. Second graders in Ms. Kathy Guerrisi’s class chose among at least five books and created some inspired fractured fairy tales using the story of the Three Little Pigs. They revised the well-known fable by taking one of its elements – the plot, the setting, the characters or the ending – and using their imaginations and even pieces of real life, turned their stories into more contemporary versions. Not only did the lesson enrich their understanding of story setting, point of view, conflict and resolution, it brought many giggles among their classmates.

The Power of Kindness in Rocky Point

The Power of Kindness in Rocky Point thumbnail180580
How do you cultivate kindness? Smile. Step up for someone in need. Thank someone who you appreciate. Be a good listener. Help a younger student. These were just a few of the examples that students shared as they embarked on the Great Kindness Challenge at both FJC and JAE. Throughout the week, students left notes for teachers and staff, spread message during SEL classes, celebrated acts of kindness, read stories with kindness and acceptance as the main themes and posted positive notes to the Kindness Tree in the main hallway at FJC. Students demonstrated their school spirit as they dressed in their favorite team gear, celebrated pajama day, dressed as favorite characters or super heroes, wore crazy socks, clothes and hair and ended the week sporting their Rocky Point attire and colors.

“At FJC, we had students participate in ‘appreciation stations’ where they wrote or drew post-it notes for their teachers and other staff members,” guidance counselor Jamie Adamski said. “It was a lot of fun!”
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