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Rocky Point Union Free School District Parents/Students | Suffolk County Health Code

Child Nutrition

Suffolk County Health Code Section 760-1315


Section 760-1315 states:

Food shall be from sources approved or considered satisfactory by the Department, and facilities, methods, practices and controls used in the manufacture, processing, packing or holding of food shall be in conformance with applicable federal and state regulations and requirements of this Article. In addition to the foregoing:

  • The use of home prepared foods in prohibited.
  • Hermetically sealed foods shall be processed in approved commercial food processing establishments, and shall conform to the criteria for soundness established by the Article.
  • No food or drink shall be manufactured, prepared, stored, transported, distributed, sold or given away in any package or container showing evidence of leaking, swelling, pronounced dents, corrosion or otherwise of such condition as may render the product unwholesome.

To be in compliance with the health codes and to insure the health and safety of your children and to prevent the possible spread of viral infections, only commercially produced baked goods and drinks may be distributed to the public.



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