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Rocky Point Union Free School District


Robotics Revs Up for Competition

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In preparation for their upcoming competition, Rocky Point Middle School’s robotics teams took their original creations for a test run and presented their projects to Councilwoman Jane Bonner and Brookhaven Director of Waste Management Matt Miner. 

As part of the FIRST Lego Robotics competition, the two teams had to come up with a project idea to present to a panel of judges related to this year's FIRST Lego League theme, "Trash Trek."

The Robo Eagles presented on the Smart Desk, a school desk with a built-in tablet computer. The device would enable students to log on to their student accounts in the classroom, as well as at home, and would house all notes taken, diagrams, sketches and textbooks. This would eliminate the need for physical textbooks, as well as ensure the most up-to-date information is available to students. In connection to this year's theme, the project would reduce an enormous amount of trash, eliminate the felling of more than 82,000 trees annually, and reduce pollutants.

The Radical Robotix team presented their Hydro Generator, a microturbine similar to large turbines used in dams. When placed in the main water line of a home, this device would generate electricity each time water is used that would be stored in a battery for emergency use during power outages. This innovation would reduce energy consumption and create less pollution, which in itself is considered trash.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020   |  District Home