Mathematical Constant Celebrated in Rocky Point


In honor of the mathematical constant 3.14, better known as Pi, students throughout the Rocky Point School District participated in a number of creative activities.

Fourth-grade students in Kristie Jackson’s, and Deborah Vieira and Lisa Celentano’s classes at Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School participated in a number of hands-on activities. From measuring circular snacks to creating pizza pie circles, these students ate their way to learning how to measure the circumference of a circle. As a culminating activity the children developed Pi Day booklets to display all the knowledge they learned throughout the day. Furthermore, Christian Flemming was challenged by his teacher to memorize the mathematical constant for Pi, and he was able to recite 46 digits after the irrational number 3.14. 

The Rocky Point High School Math team organized a fundraiser in honor of the day to benefit the Madagascar Ankizy Fund, an organization committed to improving the lives of Malagasy children. Students and teachers donated funds to pie their favorite teacher in the face with whipped cream pies. More than $250 was raised during the event, which was donated to aid a school in Madagascar supported over the years by district students and dubbed “The Rocky Point School.”