Students Learn Firsthand About Native American Life

In celebration of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and in conjunction with their studies on early American life, kindergarten students at W.S. Mount Elementary School in the Three Village Central School District participated in Native American Day.

Adorned with the creative headdresses, shirts and necklaces they had made in class, the students rotated through a variety of stations during the program to get a feel for what it was like for these early Americans. Students were able to create and design pinch pots, medallions and paper-woven placemats; hear a traditional Seneca Indian story in a teepee; and go fishing in a “river” and “hunt” a buffalo, as well as gather cranberries and wash them in a “stream.”

“Today was a true complement to our social studies curriculum, as well as a multidisciplinary project,” stated teacher Lisa Lachler. “During our class time, we spoke about our local history, the importance of appreciating different cultures and the roles Pilgrims played during this time period.”

At the conclusion of the day’s events, the students and their family members in attendance enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast celebration.