Medieval Studies

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The historic medieval time period came to life for Rocky Point Middle School sixth-grade students as they participated in an interactive, themed week as part of their grade-level unit of study.

With the help of their teachers, the students learned about the Middle Ages in each of their core subject areas and completed hands-on projects to reinforce the topics. Throughout the study, they visited the Medieval Times show in New Jersey, helped to construct decorative exterior castle walls outside classrooms and even fashioned personal shields reflecting their interests. Additionally, they researched and created information sheets, which they displayed throughout the school, to showcase lesser known facts about the time period.

Connecting the subject to all curricular areas, teachers discussed such things as the spread of the bubonic plague during health classes and worked to construct catapults during science. The weeklong initiative capped off with a jester performance, which focused on the comical routines famous during the time period.

The project was coordinated by teacher David Murphy and a committee of teachers.