Promoting Safe Teen Driving

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To help drive home the dangers of distracted and impaired driving, Rocky Point High School’s SADD club helped to coordinate a Town of Brookhaven Teen Driver Safety Program at the school this March.

During the program, students attempted to navigate electric go-karts through two driving obstacle courses set up in the gymnasium. The first course involved goggles meant to visually simulate driving under the influence, and the second called for participants to attempt to text while driving. While navigating through both courses, students were challenged not to disrupt any safety cones placed along the course.

In addition to the driving stations, participants took part in two stationary courses that called for them to complete actions while wearing impairment goggles.

“The SADD club took the initiative to bring this program to Rocky Point High School because our members felt that raising awareness about the dangers of driving under the influence and distracted driving can reduce the number of deaths and save lives,” said SADD club advisor Serina Werthner. “Our hope is that they will remember what they learned from the experience and make the right decisions next time they are driving or with someone who is.”

“This program really made you realize how dangerous distracted driving can be,” commented 10th-grader Megan Johannesen.

“People are not lying when they say taking your eyes off the road for even one second can hurt someone,” added 10th-grader Lauren Utting.

The event was funded through a Teen Driver Safety Grant provided to the Town of Brookhaven Traffic Safety Department, a division of the Town of Brookhaven Highway Department, by the governor’s Traffic Safety Committee.