Searching for the Cat’s Hat

Thing 1 and Thing 2 were among the colorful cast of characters that graced the stage when Frank J. Carasiti Elementary School kindergarten students in Karen Nicholson’s and Jessica Lukas’s class performed the original play “The Cat Lost His Hat.”

The play, written by Ms. Nicholson and scored by Ms. Lukas, tied into the class’s author study on Dr. Seuss. It followed the life of the iconic talking Cat as he searched for his tall striped hat, which had been swiped by the mischievous Grinch.

“Every year, I write a new play that ties into an aspect of our curriculum and is geared toward showcasing the personalities of my students,” Ms. Nicholson said. “It is a cross-curricular project that enables them to practice other skills, including public speaking.”

Parents volunteered to help make the costumes and assist the teachers with creating the fitting scenery for the play’s backdrop.