June 9, 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians,

While the change in weather is a welcome one for many in the community, these seasonably warmer days also bring with them the arrival of several pesky summer insects.

From spring until late fall, our school campuses have annually experienced an influx in the presence of yellow jackets. These insects, which are closely related to wasps, are noted to be attracted to garbage or other human foods and become aggressive defenders of their colonies.

In an attempt to help mitigate the situation, in the coming weeks the district will be applying an organic, broad-spectrum treatment product on select outside locations around the buildings and grounds where nesting is suspected. The product selected, Eco Via EC, is found to be a safe and effective recourse to this issue. Visitors to the schools may detect an odor following the application, which will diminish within a short time.

Although its classification is exempt from prior notification rules, we are informing you of our work to address this issue and ensure you that all applications will be completed by a licensed professional applicator and will adhere to regulations directed by the manufacturer.

In addition to these treatments, the district will also employ several other protocols to thwart the existence of these insects on and around campus. These will include lining outdoor garbage cans with bags, purchasing garbage cans with lids as well as displaying fake wasps nests, as these are believed to deter wasps since they are territorial and do not build nests near one another.

Should you have any questions about this matter, I encourage you to contact our School Business Official, Mr. Gregory Hilton, at 849-7564.


Michael F. Ring, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools