Committed to Kindness

The importance of kindness and treating others with compassion was the hallmark for a recent assembly program at Rocky Point Middle School called Rachel’s Challenge.

During the event, presenter Larry Scott spoke about the life and legacy of his niece, Rachel Scott, the first student victim of the 1999 Columbine High School tragedy. The program focused on Rachel’s acts of kindness and the contents of her diaries. Students watched a video about Rachel’s life that was designed to provoke positive change in the way others are treated. After the assembly, the students were encouraged to “take the challenge” and commit to leading a life rooted in kindness and compassion. They documented this pledge on a large poster, which will be displayed in the school.

Members of the school’s “Friends of Rachel” club also participated in a separate training program. These students will be responsible for leading the charge, setting an example for their peers and assisting in coordinating various community service projects.