Dear Parents and Guardians,

The technological resources available in today’s globally connected world often carry tremendous benefits for individuals of all ages. However, for some – namely adolescents – they can all too quickly become a vehicle for inappropriate action. As partners in education, we ask for your assistance with a matter related to this topic that has recently come to our attention.

As you may be aware, there is a new online photo sharing website targeting teens, not only within the borders of the Rocky Point community but in schools throughout the nation. This site is internationally based and allows a user to search by state and school to view photos of individuals. While the school district has no connection to this website, its content is concerning and we have shared our concerns with members of law enforcement.

Although we cannot shelter our students from all challenges in life, it is important that they have the tools and resources necessary to navigate their decisions wisely. As part of our character education program, the district provides students with informative programs that outline the repercussions such dangerous behaviors can have while promoting online safety measures.

In turn, the district encourages all parents to speak with their child(ren) about the longstanding effects one’s actions online can have. In today’s digital landscape, users must understand that any image is considered public, whether intended to be or not, once uploaded or shared. They can be viewed and forwarded by anyone, to anyone, at any time – thus reaching an audience well beyond what the poster originally intended and without his or her prior consent.

Given the content of this website and its promotion of such negative, and in some cases, illegal material, we feel it inappropriate to give validity to the site by promoting and including the address in this message. However, you may learn more about this site from a recent news story that may be found at this link: If you believe a photograph of your child may be on this website, you are urged to contact the site master to request its removal or, if the photo is of an illegal nature, the Suffolk County Police Department.


Michael F. Ring, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools