Exploring the Universe

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Rocky Point Middle School eighth-grade general science students had the chance to learn about the universe through a variety of activities and interactive modules when the Vanderbilt Museum's Traveling Classroom arrived in mid-May.

The 37-foot recreational bus, transformed into a mobile learning station, gave students the opportunity to look at how astronomers study the universe through exploring light, telescopes, digital imaging, 3-D universe and gravity. Teachers from the Vanderbilt Museum were on hand to assist the students with the inquiry-based learning projects and deliver accompanying lessons in the classroom.  

“Today’s event offered a hands-on lesson with materials and resources we would not normally have access to,” said middle school teacher Sherin Shanahan. “The students were very excited to experience these concepts in an authentic, hands-on way.”

The program, which was sponsored by the National Grid Foundation, tied into the grade level’s astronomy curriculum.