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Rocky Point High School ninth-grade English students in Christine Blume’s class had the opportunity to continue to learn from each other during an interactive student gallery project.

Using information they gathered from online resources such as ABC-CLIO: World History - The Modern Era, CQ Researcher Online and History Study Center, the students generated infographics on the Elizabethan era. Working individually or collaboratively, they selected a topic, formulated an essential research question and worked to gather reliable, reputable and sufficient sources to support their question. Their findings were organized into a comprehensive outline, sourced on MLA works cited pages and then used to create the graphical representation of their research.

Topics included “The Social Impact of the Black Plague on the Elizabethan Family” and “Shakespeare’s Globe Theater.”

In order to enhance the students’ understanding of all topics covered, they had the chance to view and talk with peers about their research during an in-class gallery walk. They each selected their six favorite projects and recorded information about them on a worksheet. The students then shared their reviews in small and large groups. 

This project was designed, with the help of high school librarian Jessica Schnall, for students to meet all of the standards in research and writing.  In addition to the research and writing benefits of project, it was also a pre-reading activity to their studies on Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”