Science Skills on Display

Original science projects created by students at Frank J. Carasiti Elementary School and Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School were on display during the schools’ annual science fair.

Leading up to the event, the students selected a topic of interest and followed the scientific method to solve a proposed problem or question. Topics addressed concepts found in a range of sciences, including physics, chemistry and earth science.

All participants were honored at commemorative ceremonies, and several received placement awards. Those with first-place honors will now have their projects judged at the annual Brookhaven National Lab Science Fair, which draws submissions from throughout Suffolk County.

Projects Advancing to BNL:
Teagan Coen, Kindergarten – “Red Lipstick”
Katerina Strickland, Kindergarten – “Pop, Pop, Pop”

Samantha Murcurio, Grade 1 – “Mind Games: Use It or Lose It”
Jennifer Tiskowitz, Grade 1 – “Keep My Craft Colorful”

Katie Condon, Grade 2 – “Germ Exterminator”
Caiden Palank, Grade 2 – “Sock Science”

Liam Conlon, Grade 3 – “Top Gun”
Jack Fredriksen, Grade 3 – “What Type of Stone Makes a Better Roofing Material?”
Emma Casey, Grade 4 – “Do Dogs See the World the Way We Do?”
Mikayla Minton, Grade 4 – “Bath or Shower?”
Logan Eye, Grade 5 – “The Physics of Soccer”
Max Marte, Grade 5 – “How to Make the Perfect Shot in Basketball”

Additional Honors at FJC:
Kindergarten, 2nd Place – Alexander (Sasha) Engbrecht – “Moldy Bread Experiment”
Kindergarten, 3rd Place – Skylar Dippel – “Quality vs. Cost: A Crayon’s Story”

Grade 1, 2nd Place – Samantha Normandin – “What Absorbs the Heat?”
Grade 1, 3rd Place – Ava Jimenez – “Melting Race”

Grade 2, 2nd Place – Kyleigh Coen – “Hermit Crab Races”
Grade 2, 3rd Place – Justin Corella – “Which Hand Washing Method Works Best to Eliminate Germs?”