Research Projects Praised

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Following months of dedication and hard work, several secondary students earned top honors at this year’s Long Island Science and Engineering Fair, the Island’s most prestigious science competition.

After earning a bid to compete in the second round of the high school division, ninth-grader and science research student Kyle Markland earned third place in the contest for his project, “The Effect of Shielding on Cosmic Ray Interference.” His research tested to see which material is most effective for shielding a hypothetical space traveler against cosmic rays. The study concluded that aluminum foil is significantly better at blocking cosmic rays than any other material.

Eighth-graders Amber Carangello, Charlotte Courbois, Grace Fade, Hunter Hess, Paul Leheste, Bryant Liu, Briana O'Conner and Joshua Vogel competed well in the middle school division, surpassing many of the contest’s 177 participants.

Projects completed by Paul ("Shock Avoidance Conditioning and Extra-Cranial Memory Storage in the Flatworm Schmidtea mediterranea”) and Bryant ("The Effects of Pretreatment on the Release of Simple Sugars from Plant Fallen Leaves") each earned first place; Joshua, Hunter and Amber’s entry, "Photochemistry," placed second; and Briana, Charlotte and Grace were given an honorable mention for their project, "It's Written All Over Your Face: The Science of Facial Expressions." As first-place winners, Paul and Bryant have the opportunity to enter their projects in the national Broadcom MASTERS middle school science and engineering fair competition.