Raising Awareness While Staying Physically Fit

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In honor of American Heart Month, Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School students and staff members participated in the annual Jump Rope for Heart event. The program, sponsored by the American Heart Association, is held every February in an effort not only to raise awareness of heart health issues, but also funds for continued research.  

During the after-school program, students had the chance to demonstrate their jump-roping skills to the beat of popular music, and through their participation collected donations for the worthy cause. Students participated in an hour of free jump before competing in grade-level challenges to determine who could jump rope the longest.

Under the leadership of physical education teacher Maria Amoscato, approximately 200 students helped raise more than $12,800 for the American Heart Association.
Congratulations to the following contest winners:

Third-grade winner (girls): Scarlett Stevenson
Runner-up: Isabella Rooney
Third-grade winner (boys): Robert D’Orso
Runner-up: Dominic LaMacchia
Fourth-grade winner (girls): Alexa Downs
Runner-up: Rebecca Rando
Fourth-grade winner (boys): Matthew LoPresti
Runner-up: George Trimigliozzi
Fifth-grade winner (girls): Ella Botticelli
Runner-up: Madison Meehan
Fifth-grade winner (boys): Sean Hamilton
Runner-up: Trevor Lamoureux
Adult winner: Lisa Celentano
Runner-up: Lauren Boyle