First-Place Robotics

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Rocky Point High School’s robotics team, Quantum Chaos, captured first place during January’s FTC Qualifying Competition and is now headed to showcase their award-winning device at the NYC/Long Island Regional Championship. 

This year’s robotics competition challenge was the “Cascade Effect.” For the contest, students were required to build and program a robot to perform different tasks. During the event, the team’s device competed against other students’ creations to see which could successfully complete the overall challenge the fastest and most efficiently. The team, which is comprised of students in ninth through 12th-grade, received varying point values for the activities they completed.

Congratulations to the following team members and their coaches Jacqueline Hawson and David Driscoll:

Barbara Feng
Travis Ferrie
Nick Hackett
Ian Holland
Kyle Markland
Preston Nichols
Jade Pinkenburg
Nick Roalef