Dear Parents and Guardians,

As you know, New York State will be affected by an historic snow storm over the next few days. NYS is seeing reports that well over half of the students from Montauk to Utica will be affected by one or more days of school closures during the administration of the January Regents Exams.

Therefore, NYSED has made the following one-time adjustment in reaction to this historic, extraordinary event. As per NYSED, “All exams should be administered as close as possible to the original administration window and all January Regents Exams must be administered by Friday, January 30, 2015.”

Therefore, the Rocky Point High School will be preparing a new schedule of exams once we know the exact date and time of our return to school following the storm. If your child was scheduled to take a Regents or an RCT exam on a date where the schools were dismissed early or closed, they should be prepared to sit for the exam upon their return to school and no later than Friday, January 30.

Rocky Point High School