Induction Ceremony Honors 40

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The achievements of 40 Rocky Point Middle School eighth-grade students were recognized in January when they were granted membership into the building’s National Junior Honor Society.
After having met the rigorous criteria for induction – excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, character and citizenship – the students took part in a commemorative induction ceremony before family, friends and educators.

“As members of the prestigious NJHS, you are recognized for the choices, and sometimes the sacrifices, you have made,” said Principal Dr. Scott O’Brien. “With this honor comes great responsibility. To be recognized and honored as a superior student also involves the accepting of a great obligation: the obligation of being a leader in one’s community – whether that community is to be found at school, in your neighborhood, during your extracurricular events, as you spend time with your family, or during the course of the career you will hold in the future.  We all look forward to seeing what you will achieve in the future.”

During the ceremony, NJHS president Allen Liu shared information about the organization, and each of the officers spoke about the pillars that define the NJHS before the traditional candlelighting ceremony. Additionally, middle school teacher Tricia Scott and retiring NJHS advisor Corinne Salbu received honorary membership awards.