This afternoon for a period of time a Suffolk County Police Department helicopter came into the airspace in and around our main campus on Rocky Point–Yaphank Road. As you know, this campus houses the Rocky Point High School, Rocky Point Middle School and the Frank J. Carasiti Elementary School. As we were not aware at that time of the reason for the police activity, we began the process of calling for a lockout at these buildings. For a brief period of time the FJC school, which was still in session, was put in lockout and the RPHS and RPMS, which were engaged in after school activities, were moving into lockout when we are able to confirm with the Seventh Precinct that they were looking for an individual who was wanted for a non-violent offense. We were assured by the SCPD that there was no threat whatsoever and, with that assurance, the brief lockout at FJC was released and the call for lockout at the RPHS and RPMS was cancelled.

Needless to say, when police activity occurs in and around our schools we react with great caution until we receive confirmation from the police that there is no threat to our students, staff and visitors. Nonetheless, I know that this process is stressful for all and I appreciate your understanding for our need to call for the brief lockout this afternoon.

Michael F. Ring, Ed.D.