Exploring Science Research

Two diverse and complex science topics were front and center at workshops recently held for Rocky Point High School’s ninth-grade science research class.

Dr. Gil Hanson, a geologist from Stony Brook University, visited the school to speak with the class about acid rain. He explained that despite society understanding its causes, acid rain continues to be a problem, and detailed his research on its impact on the top layer of soil in particular. To further understand the subject, the students collected soil samples from the woods behind the school and tested the samples’ pH levels. Dr. Hanson also provided one student, whose research project is focused on the subject, with some ideas to pursue. 

The class also had the chance to visit Brookhaven National Laboratory with their families and tour the PHENIX detector at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider. During the visit, physicists Drs. Chris Pinkenburg and Abhay Deshpande described the experiments they have been working on and shared their enthusiasm for science.