History Inspires Art

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Rocky Point Middle School eighth-grade students recently learned how one local artist sought inspiration for his original collection from one of America’s darkest days – Sept. 11.

During a gallery walk in the library, the students viewed artwork created by Steven Sandberg and had the opportunity to speak with the artist about his vision. Mr. Sandberg, who is working on a sequel to his book “Images of Infamy,” spoke about how the numbers 9 and 11 were used to generate the images and how he got his start.

“Be open to the feasibility that unexpected events can happen at any time in one’s life,” he said. “Be ready to embrace the opportunities these events present and take them down your own personal road of discovery.”

At the end of the exhibit, the students completed worksheets noting why artworklike Mr. Sandberg’s is important in learning and understanding significant historical events, and which piece was their favorite. They even helped to name one of the artist’s untitled pieces.

The program served as a complement to what the students had been learning in the classroom. In Dawn Callahan’s classes, the students discussed how museums and art play an important role in society. In Erica Alemaghides’ and Danielle Skalet’s classes, they discussed the importance of art and propaganda in history, especially during times of war.