Local Artist Hosts Open House to Shares “Images of Infamy” Commemorating the 13th Anniversary of 9/11

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On Tuesday, September 9, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Michael Ring joined Brookhaven Town Councilperson Jane Bonner at the home of local Rocky Point artist, Steve Sandberg, to view his extensive collection of sketches commemorating the events of 9/11.


Mr. Sandberg is a retired special education elementary school teacher who was working in East New York on the Brooklyn-Queens border on 9/11. On that day, he and his students smelled the smoke and could see the smoke rising over New York as he looked out the window of his third floor classroom.

Mr. Sandburg was not an artist prior to 9/11 and never took an art lesson. He was profoundly affected by the events of 9/11 that he went home and picked up a pencil and started to draw pictures with nines and elevens in them. Now more than a decade later, Mr. Sandberg has well over 200 drawings that he as completed. Mr. Sandberg published a book of his drawings in 2011 entitled, “Images of Infamy.”