Dear Rocky Point Community,

As we prepare for the end of the school year, I want to take this opportunity to update you on several security initiatives we began discussing with the community earlier this school year which will be put in place starting in the 2014-2015 school year.

Beginning in September, the district will be deploying a new electronic visitor management system at each of our schools, which will be used in conjunction with enhanced security vestibules being installed at main entrance points of each building. Upon arriving, visitors will be buzzed into the secure area of the school entry. Visitors will be granted access to the core of the facility only after receiving authorization from reception personnel. This authorization will be granted through the district’s new visitor management system, which requires visitors to present a valid driver’s license or other government issued identification. Upon presentation, the visitor’s driver’s license/government issued identification will be scanned through the visitor management system and a visitor’s identification badge, including a picture of the visitor, will be generated. Upon exiting the building, visitors will be required to return this temporary badge to the reception desk.

While the process is similar in nature to the current protocol in place, several security benefits will be realized through this enhanced system. All scanned identification documents will be vetted against our student management system to verify an individual’s authority to visit the school/student(s); identification will be compared to the state’s sex offender database to ensure the safety of our student population; and we will have an immediate and up-to-date list of visitors in the building, which will provide a greater level safety for visitors in the event of an emergency and/or evacuation.

To help ensure a seamless transition to the new system, district monitors, security personnel and members of administration will be engaged in a detailed training program throughout the rest of the school year into the summer. These individuals will be guided on the intricacies of the new procedure as well as how to address any questions our visitors may have along the way.

As part of this initiative, our video surveillance system platform is also being updated. This upgrade will enhance the district’s ability to monitor happenings occurring both internally and around the perimeter of our facilities, while also improving our ability to share information with first responders during emergency situations. This update will also be complete by September.

While no system is likely to prevent all potential hazards, it is our belief that by taking these types of proactive and appropriate steps, we are able to continue to strengthen our defenses and ensure the safety and well-being of our students and faculty. I ask for the community’s continued cooperation when we begin to implement these changes in the fall.

I extend my best wishes for a successful remainder of the school year and a happy and healthy summer vacation.

Sincerely, Michael F. Ring, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools