Enriching Lessons Extend Beyond the Classroom

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Frank J. Carasiti Elementary School first- and second-grade students are learning about a number of complex science topics as part of their participation in the building’s afterschool science and gardening clubs. Both programs have approximately 100 members each and meet on a rotating schedule during the fall and spring months.

The science club, advised by Carrie Tandy, is an enrichment-based program that delves into science lessons on a deeper, hands-on level. Participating students have been learning about such things as Newton’s Law by experimenting with projects they designed and constructed. Additionally they learned about transparent, translucent and opaque materials by examining different objects through covered lenses.

In the gardening club, the students are working with adviser Nancy Starke to maintain the kindergarten courtyard. They spent the fall months cultivating the soil in six flowerbeds and planted different types of seeds in the spring. They are learning different horticultural lessons as they work to create a sustainable garden filled with peppers, pumpkins, radishes, cauliflower, string beans, lettuce and beautiful sunflowers.